Encore is an educational program for adults over the age of 55. Tuition is necessary for Encore to provide the highest caliber programs that meet the needs of our participants. Many factors go into determinnig tuition rates, which may vary from one location to another based on these variables. Encore keeps tuition as low as possible while addressing the realities of providing excellent and assessible programs to each of our Encore singers.  Some of the factors that determine tuition rates include:


  • All Encore conductors are highly qualified paid professionals. They are not volunteers.
  • Encore's rehearsal spaces are high quality and we generally pay rent to use them.
  • Singers are provided with all sheet music, as well as a rehearsal CD that singers find very helpful in lering their music. Encore pays production costs for the CDs.
  • All concerts are free and open to the public and are held at quality high-profile venues. Encore pays for concert space, which is frequently quite costly.  Singers are not expected to buy or sell concert tickets or engage in other fundraising activities, such as bake sales, etc.
  • Encore maintains a feature-rich web site that includes photos and videos of all major concerts.
  • As a professional nonprofit organizaton, Encore has operating and administrative costs, including insurance for your protection.

In fact, tuition does not cover all of Encore's costs. We rely on grants, sponsorships and individual contributions to make up the shortfall and to strive to keep tuiton rates as low as possible.

For those who cannot afford the tuition and have a financial need, Encore can offer tuition assistance.

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